Belluard Festival 2015, Fribourg, Switzerland. Cabinet of Realities.

The Belluard Festival, taking place from 25 June until 4 July 2015, gathers artists from all over the world, from different regions in Switzerland and from Fribourg. They come to share their ideas and visions on the Fortress Europe and speak about memory and identity, using all contemporary forms of artistic expression.

Sunday, 28 June 2015. 13:00 – 16:00.
Cabinet of Realities.
Simultaneous salons on Fortress Europe.
The galleries of the Belluard Fortress will be the venue for several salons, which will run simultaneously and be hosted by some 20 specialists. Artists, scientists and practitioners will share their insights and expertise on a particular facet of Fortress Europe.

Three times 45 minutes sessions in French, in German and in English.
Galeries du Belluard, Fribourg.

With the support of the nccr – on the move.

Full program

BelluardPhoto: © Charlotte Walker