Factorial Designs in Recruiter Surveys. Workshop at the University of Bern.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

University of Bern, Unitobler (Room F-105) and von Roll area (Room B 305)

The workshop aims at an exchange on labor market vignette studies, especially on recruitment and hiring. The focus will be on discussing issues of analyzing experimental vignette study data, embedded in recruiter surveys. Several research groups who currently conduct vignette studies in Switzerland and abroad will use the opportunity to present and discuss their work in progress.

Andreas Damelang (University of Erlangen)
Valentina di Stasio (University of Oxford)

Workshop program (PDF)

The workshop is organized by Christian Imdorf, NEGOTIATE@University of Basel and Institute of Sociology@University of Bern, together with Flavia Fossati, nccr – on the move, and Daniel Oesch, NCCR LIVES.