New Cititzenship Databases are Made Available

The nccr – on the move has developed two databases, making them available freely for non-commercial use by the general public.

The Repository on Citizenship Law in Switzerland offers the first comprehensive, open-access and user-friendly repository of past and current legal documents on citizenship in Switzerland, at the federal level and in the 26 cantons.

The Dataset on Migration Referendums and Initiatives compiles all 42 referendums and popular initiatives on migration related issues that took place at the federal level in Switzerland between 1848 and 2016, the list and details of which can be found on the website of the Federal administration.

Responsible for these databases are Stefanie Kurt and Jean-Thomas Arrighi, both PostDocs at the project “Unity and Diversity in Cohesion: Immigration, Citizenship and Federalism” by Gianni D’Amato.