Research and Publication Colloquium. Challenges in Post-Industrial Labor Markets

This interdisciplinary colloquium is jointly organized by IDHEAP (University of Lausanne), nccr – on the move (University of Neuchatel) and NCCR-LIVES (University of Lausanne). Its aim is to gather scholars interested in labor markets and their interrelation with society to discuss their research and provide a platform to get feedback on their work-in progress.

The colloquium will be held on Tuesdays from 12:15–13:15 h @ University of Lausanne, IDHEAP, Room 004. 

Dates for the spring term 2017
24.01. / 07.02. / 21.02. / 21.03. / 11.04. / 02.05. / 23.05. / 20.06.
Full program (PDF).
Please register by sending an email to Flavia Fossati.

If you want to present your work-in progress next semester (fall 2017) please contact Flavia Fossati.