Looking Back at the 2017 Neuchatel Graduate Conference of Migration and Mobility Studies

In 2017, the nccr – on the move held its annual conference in a renewed format: an international conference for doctoral students and junior researchers in the field of migration and mobility. On 22–23 June, the Neuchatel Graduate Conference gathered 65 researchers from over 15 countries for two days of intense academic exchange.

Participants presented their works in 15 thematic panels, discussing migration and mobility from legal, political, social, economic, and historical perspectives. Each panel consisted of four presentations that were selected among the 160 abstract proposals in order to form coherent thematic sessions.

The post-doctoral and senior researchers of the nccr – on the move have been largely involved in the conference by chairing the panels and contributing to the selection of the Best Paper Award. In 2017, the jury has awarded the prize to Samuel D. Schmid of the European University Institute for his paper “Open Borders Versus Inclusive Citizenship? The Relationship between Entry and Membership across Institutional Contexts in 20 Democracies 1980–2010”.

In addition to exchanging on their own research, participants had the opportunity to attend two workshops specifically designed for junior researchers. Francesco Martino, research communication specialist and webmaster at the European University Institute gave a training session on communicating research online. A second workshop focused on publishing in migration and mobility journals: Véronique Petit of the Université Paris Descartes and current editor of the Revues Europeénne des Migrations Internationales detailed the publication process in a multilingual journal, while Rosita Fibbi of the University of Neuchatel gave an overview of the publications in migration and mobility studies.

Attended by over 120 persons, the keynote lecture also innovated in its format by offering a dialogue between Christina Boswell, Professor of Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Wolfgang Streeck, Emeritus Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne. Both lecturers discussed the politicization of migration in Europe, and its consequences on political systems and policies.

Given its success and the positive feedback of participants we are happy to announce that the second edition of the Neuchatel Graduate Conference of Migration and Mobility Studies will take place in September 2018.

Elie Michel, Scientific Officer of the nccr – on the move