Where do Swiss citizens abroad live?

MMI 12

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At the end of 2014, almost 750,000 Swiss passport holders were living abroad. The main countries of residence for Swiss citizens living abroad are France, Germany, the United States, and Italy. Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia follow close behind, indicating that Anglo-Saxon countries are very attractive to Swiss citizens.

With the exception of Swiss emigrants to Asia, it can be seen that women outnumber men. For example, nearly 60% of all Swiss citizens living in European countries are women. In addition, three-quarters of Swiss citizens living abroad have at least one nationality other than Swiss nationality. Finally, it should be noted that a majority of Swiss citizens living abroad are of working age (58% were aged eighteen to sixty-four years).

Source: FDFA, statistics of Swiss citizens living abroad

Note on the methodology: Information on the numbers of Swiss citizens living abroad is provided by embassies and consulates.

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