Anita Manatschal

The Regional Dynamics of Integration and Citizenship Regulation: An International Comparative Perspective

In June 2016, Anita Manatschal took up her function as Assistant Professor in Migration Policy Analysis, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the University of Neuchâtel. Since her arrival, Anita Manatschal has taken over an important role in shaping the nccr – on the move’s future research agenda. In addition, she is Project Leader of a subproject to the project  “Unity and Diversity in Cohesion: Immigration, Citizenship and Federalism” researching the regional dynamics of integration and citizenship regulation.

What role do regions play in the regulation of immigrant integration and citizenship policy? Under what conditions do they enhance or constrain the rights of immigrants, and how does this impact on immigrant integration? How do ongoing territorial tensions in the multilevel European order affect the status and rights of autochthonous and immigrant minorities? Moving below and beyond the state, this subproject places the focus on regions and expands the comparative scope of the project “Unity and Diversity in Cohesion: Immigration, Citizenship and Federalism” from the Helvetic Confederation to other decentralized states in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

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