Gianni D’Amato

Unity and Diversity in Cohesion: Immigration, Citizenship and Federalism

The quest for social cohesion in a context of protracted international migrations has become a major field of contestation, in Switzerland as well as in other liberal democracies that have de facto evolved into countries of immigration. However, what is meant by social cohesion or integration in a multilingual and multiconfessional confederation made of 26 cantons leaves significant room for controversy. Our project proposes to examine how issues surrounding immigrant integration are being negotiated in the Swiss federal context, from a legal as well as socio-political perspective.

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The Regional Dynamics of Integration and Citizenship Regulation: An International Comparative Perspective
Subproject by Anita Manatschal and Jean-Thomas Arrighi de Casanova
Project Fact Sheet

Repository on Citizenship Law in Switzerland

Dataset on Migration Referendums and Initiatives

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