One out of Three Has Experienced a Situation of Prejudice in Switzerland

Reasons of discrimination for individuals who have experienced discrimination, by origin (Source: Migration-Mobility Survey 2016)

In general, one out of three immigrants has experienced a situation of prejudice or discrimination in Switzerland (35%). According to the origin, this share varies however between 24% for Austrians and 52% for persons from West Africa.

When asking for the reasons, we find the immigrant background or racist reasons among the most important explanations. For immigrants from West Africa, racist reasons even prevail over the immigrant background.

Women and men feel very similar about the level and the reasons of discrimination, except for the fact that women more often declare being discriminated for their gender (2% of men, 19% of women). Migrants from the United Kingdom and North America seem more exposed to gender discrimination – this motive was mentioned by over one out of five persons of these origins, ranking second after the immigrant background.