Generally, a Higher Attachment to the Country of Origin than to Switzerland

Strong feeling of attachment to the country of origin and Switzerland, by origin (Source: Migration-Mobility Survey 2016)

In general, the attachment to the country of origin is stronger than to Switzerland. 52% of the migrants feel strongly attached to their country of origin, compared to 40% who declare a strong feeling of attachment to Switzerland. Only exceptions are citizens of France and South America, who feel more strongly attached to Switzerland than to their country of origin.

On the one hand, the highest shares of strong attachment to the country of origin are observed for Indians (66%) and Portuguese (61%), the lowest shares are found for Germans (40%), followed by citizens of France and the United Kingdom (both 46%). On the other hand, citizens originating from a non-industrialized non-EU country are the most strongly attached to Switzerland (Indians, West Africans and South Americans, almost 50% or more). The lowest shares are observed for the Portuguese, the Germans and the Austrians (less than 30%).

Women perceive a stronger attachment to their country of origin than to Switzerland, while for men the opposite is true.