Project Leaders

The Project Leaders are at the core of the nccr – on the move. They are responsible for the eighteen individual projects and ensure best scientific practice among their project participants. In addition, they approve the appointment of members to the different NCCR Committees and the adoption of strategic documents.

In alphabetical order

Alberto Achermann
University of Bern, Institute of Public Law

Christin Achermann
University of Neuchatel, Centre for Migration Law

Cesla Amarelle
University of Neuchatel, Centre for Migration Law

Giuliano Bonoli
University of Lausanne, IDHEAP

Martina Caroni
University of Lucerne, Law School, Department of International and Public Law

Janine Dahinden
University of Neuchatel, Laboratory of Transnational Studies and Social Processes

Gianni D’Amato
University of Neuchatel, Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies

Juan M. Falomir-Pichastor
University of Geneva, Social Psychology

Rosita Fibbi
University of Neuchatel, Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies

Yves Flückiger
University of Geneva, Institute of Economics and Econometrics

Matteo Gianni
University of Geneva, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Eva G.T. Green
University of Lausanne, Institute of Psychology

Dominik Hangartner
London School of Economics, Department of Methodology
University of Zurich and Stanford University, Immigration Policy Lab

Jörg Künzli
University of Bern, Institute of Public Law

Walter Leimgruber
University of Basel, Institute of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology

Tobias Müller
University of Geneva, Institute of Economics and Econometrics

Etienne Piguet
University of Neuchatel, Institute of Geography

Sarah Progin-Theuerkauf
University of Fribourg, Chair for European Law and Migration Law, Centre for Migration Law

Alois Stutzer
University of Basel, Political Economics

Philippe Wanner
University of Geneva, Institute of Demographic and Life Course Studies

Tania Zittoun
University of Neuchatel, Institute of Psychology and Education