Special Committees

The Special Committees elaborate strategies and operative mechanisms for the main functions of the NCCR: education, publication and knowledge transfer. The members of the Network Office act as the Committee Coordinators.

Doctoral Program and Training Committee

The committee establishes a program of education and training for doctoral students and PostDocs. The committee makes decisions on admissions in consultation with the Project Leaders and reviews students’ fulfilment of progress requirements.

Philippe Wanner (Management Board and Steering Committee)
Matteo Gianni (Project Leader)
Tania Zittoun (Project Leader)
Philip Hanke (PostDoc)
Laure Sandoz (doctoral student)
Raquel Delgado Moreira (Network Office)

Publication Committee

The committee for publication elaborates and implements a focused publication strategy and increases international networking of the NCCR.

Gianni D’Amato (Management Board)
Etienne Piguet (Steering Committee)
Rosita Fibbi (Project Leader)
Flavia Fossati (PostDoc)
Margarite Helena Zoeteweij (PostDoc)
Esma Baycan (doctoral student)
Elie Michel (Network Office)

Knowledge Transfer Committee

The committee promotes knowledge transfer by elaborating an overall NCCR strategy and by identifying themes across projects which are suitable for the various tools.

Gianni D’Amato (Management Board)
Christin Achermann (Steering Committee)
Walter Leimgruber (Project Leader)
Jonathan Zufferey (PostDoc)
Eva Zschirnt (doctoral student)
Joëlle Moret (Network Office)
Ursula Gugger Suter (Network Office)