Dataset on Migration Referendums and Initiatives

The Dataset on Migration Referendums and Initiatives compiles all 42 referendums and popular initiatives on migration related issues that took place at the federal level in Switzerland between 1848 to 2016, the list and details of which can be found on the website of the Federal administration.

migration referendums and initiatives

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The dataset distinguishes between three types of votes (mandatory referendum, optional referendum, popular initiative), four themes (immigration and mobility, citizenship and nationality, asylum and alienage, culture and religion) and three possible outcomes (failed, passed, interrupted – the latter referring to cases where the initiative or optional referendum was either withdrawn by its promoters, blocked by the federal council, or failed to collect enough signatures in due time). The dataset further distinguishes between the legislation’s orientation (expansive or restrictive), capturing whether it proposes to upgrade or downgrade the bundle of rights currently enjoyed by the targeted group.